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Monday, November 19, 2012

Animal Hoarding

Animal hoarding is dangerous for the animals and the human's that love and live with them. The air quality can be extremely harmful to the animals, especially because they are so close to the floor.

Tuft's did some reasearch on animal hoarding.  Their website says "The main components affecting air quality include gases such as ammonia and bioaerosols. Bioaerosols include a wide variety of inflammatory and physiologically active components, inclunding endotoxin, fungal cell wall fragments, and respirable dust particles that can reach lower airways."

We got a call from a gentleman who has a heart of gold.  When ever he found a dog on the streets he would take it in to his home.  He had neighbors dropping off their dogs in his yard, because they knew he liked dogs.  His electricity got shut off because he spent the money on dog food.  He has no heat so he would turn on the stove and try to heat the house that way.  That alone is very dangerous.

What his neighbors, friends and strangers didn't know is that he now has between 60-70 dogs.  None of them are neutered/spayed.  They don't have their shots either.  The conditions they are kept in are deplorable.  Ankle deep feces, mange and starvation.  His intentions are good.  But unfortunately, he got over his head very quickly and didn't know how to stop.

We were able to take in 4 dogs.  They will be checked by a vet, neutered, and given their shots.  Local animal control will be coming and taking a the rest, and together, we will be working with Best Friends to save as many of these dogs as possible.

Please donate to help these dogs.  We are going to try to save as many as possible.  But they all are going to require neutering, shots, dental check ups, grooming, microchips and a check up from the vet.  The cost of all of that per dog will be $250.

UPDATE: He had at least 155 dogs, 149 we helped remove and took in 38 into our rescue.  We have found homes and fosters for all but a few dogs.  More updates to come!

UPDATE: Most of the dogs have found homes.  There are a few that are still in foster care that are needing to visit the vet for their neutering then they will be available.  We are going to try to get them to the vet as soon as the vet has room.
Most adoptive and foster parents have mentioned that the potty training is going very well.  Some of the dogs have been tested for Giardia and have had their dew claws removed.  Each one needs special individual attention and they are getting it from their wonderful foster parents and adoptive parents!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We have ducks looking for homes. It is not uncommon for us to get farm animals.  On occasion people don't check with their town codes and get animals that the city or town doesn't allow them to have.  So we are looking for homes for some ducks.


Duke is a Rottweiler puppy.  His owners could not find someone to buy him and could not afford to feed him.  He is only 5 months old.  His mother is cat aggressive so we can only assume that he is as well.  He is AKC registered.  He is an Alpha personality, so he would be best in a single dog home.

 His adoption fee is $500

Donations go to help pay for each dog or cat neuter, shots and medical check ups.  You can also sponsor a dog to help offset the cost of the adoption fee.  


Petra is a German Rottweiler.  She is AKC registered and her family had to give her up because they could not afford to feed her.  She is not ok with cats, she will kill them if she is left with them.  She is an Alpha personality.  So she will be best as an only dog.

Her adoption fee is $300

Donations go to help pay for each dog or cat neuter, shots and medical check ups.  You can also sponsor a dog to help offset the cost of the adoption fee.  


Grey tabby with grey broken stripes. Very loving fun kitten.

Adoption fee: $50


Pepper is an 11 week old kitten.  She is Russian blue in color with tabby grey stripes. She is spayed and ready for adoption.

Adoption fee: $50

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Lucky is lucky to be alive.  He was found and brought to the shelter.  He was only 35lbs.  A far cry from what his weight should be.  He has gained a lot of weight, but no one chose him at the shelter and he was scheduled to be put down.  That's when we got him, a good dog like him shouldn't be put down.  He has been dewormed so he will start to gain more weight.   He has been trained.  He sits, stays, doesn't jump up, is calm and listens well.  He's is about 2 years old.